Khajuraho - Coronacrisis and other plagues

Khajuraho is hit hard in this Coronacrisis, because many businesses are closed and leave their workers no choice but returning to their villages. They are at home without work and income in complete lock-down.

Of course also tourism, a major source of income for the village and the school, is out of business.

At the meantime agriculture is infested by locusts. A greater part of the harvest is lost, which means that there is no food enough for the people. Because of two bad harvests in previous years, there are no buffers anymore.

Foodprices are high and rising and many poor people can’t buy enough food. For weeks poor people eat only bread (chapatti’s), often once a day. People are starving, and also their children: the pupils of Kashi Mandir School.

At this moment our greatest concern is not the exploitation of the school but simply the combat of starvation. Untill now our foundation has donated €1000 and Prabhat has purchased food for his pupils. However, our resources are limited while the need is high.

You may want to consider transferring an amount to our account.

Accountnumber: NL 68 TRIO 0391 1462 70 in the name of Stichting Kashi Mandir at Erica(NL)

An amount of €25 is enough to give 50 pupils a meal. The money can be on the spot within a few days.

Many thanks in advance !

In 2015 all children have education

Thanks to our sponsors 275 children more are going to school; children who otherwise wouldn't have any education.
We are motivated by an old Chinese proverb: "Give a man a fish and he can eat, give him a fishing pole and he can eat his whole life."


It's possible: children who never visit a school
Margriet and Rutger, founding members of the foundation, visited during their working visit in November 2013, together with schoodirector Prabhat and secretary Vidhya, two small vilages far from the main road and about 6 km from Khajuraho. In these villages, Bamnora and Beniganj live about 150 children who never have seen a school from inside. Big wish of principal Prabhat is to bring these children to his school. There has been some discussion with the village chiefs – very important- about this matter already. Only the money is still missing.
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