A new school building for Kashi Mandir School

Plattegrond_SKM_2014School and foundation made a phased plan in 2009 in order to realize a proper school building. Such a building is condition for good quality school education for the children of Kashi Mandir.

The schoolcommittee decided to choose for staying on the present central place in the village in stead of building on a new spot outside the village. This means that old class rooms have to be pulled down or renovated, ground and neighbouring houses have to be bought.

On the map of the new school (see on the right side) you can see that the school will be situated round a central school playing ground, yust like the Indian idea of an ashram. There is an advantage in that: playing and recreation of the children, sports, school celebrations etc. can take place in the central yard. The tube well and two small holy temple places are also situated there.

The first phase (red on the drawing) was completed in January 2010, the second phase was finished in 2013 (green). In 2014 / 2015 the last phase has been build (blue). Click on the map for a bigger version of the new situation.

See the progress of the building in pictures

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